Monday, 9 January 2012

if you have any sort of creative outlet and you’re interested in indulging that outlet further, then we want you. mary and i are in the process of setting up an online magazine: it’ll be a creative space, an outlet for all of those who are creative and would like to take their hobbies and crafts a little further. we’re just in the beginnings of things and we’d like you to keep that in mind, however, we need contributors! if you have any sort of creative passion, whether you are a photographer, writer, artist, graphic designer, coder, director, or if you anyother creative interest, and you’d like to get your stuff out there, so to speak, please contact us! please, don’t hesitate! if you’re at all interested, please could send either myself or mary your name, contact details, and a sample of what you would like to contribute.
you can contact myself (hafsa) at: my tumblr ask or my email (
you can contact mary at:
thank you!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting endeavor! I will be visiting often. I believe this can be very successful...